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We’re committed to do every Personal Tax Return
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Our primary goal is to compete with Big Tax Preparation Companies that aren’t as Personal as a Local Business like us.

We can Offer the Same Tax Services as other Companies for Less Cost and with Better Service.

Local Tax Preparation Services

When you visit our office for your tax appointment, we will spend the majority of our time together focusing on education. 

With the education piece of our tax preparation services, we focus on tax planning for the following year. 

We want our clients to be educated on the basic tax laws and how to stay within compliance of federal and state regulations. 

In this way, we stand apart from our tax mills such as H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt. 

When you work with us, we provide quality time with a tax advisor to answer your tax questions.

Upfront Flat Rate Pricing

  • Form 1040 $295

    Inclusive pricing that includes the Schedule A, all 5 new IRS schedules, all states, and all credits. Does not include the Schedule C, E, or D.

  • Self Employed / Small Business $125

    First Schedule C - $125. Second Schedule C - $95. All additional - $75 each

  • Rental Real Estate $75

    Schedule E Rental Property and K1 or Royalty declaration - $75 for first, $60 for second, $45 for each one after.

  • Investment Income $45

    Investment Income only applies to investments not declared to the IRS - $60 each

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