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We offer a complete range of Payroll Services. We work closely with clients to perform all required expectations to run payroll on a regular basis.  We do weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and can customize any schedule that your business may need. We do all the heavy lifting and the set up. We will work with the client to collect the data on their terms. We can run the payroll either through direct deposit or by mailing checks directly to the employee’s home address or by courier to the employer.

You might ask, smaller and local, that must mean more expensive? We try to keep our costs similar to our competition. We also include all services that are needed for full processing of payroll without additional fees.

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When we do payroll, there are multiple moving parts. The first is setting up the account under the terms and conditions that apply to your particular needs. We offer a free consultation where we’ll discuss some of the options and the different ways that we can set up payroll services that will work best for your company.

Second, is how we collect, store, and return the data used to perform payroll. Third, a key element of payroll is education, we teach our clients the different parts and help them improve their own data collections systems.

We also teach the importance of being in compliance with all labor laws and can offer employee training programs to help educate their employees. Fourth, we break down the tax collections from payroll and provide the payments to the necessary agency.

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