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How much does it cost for payroll services?

Being that we focus a lot on customization, we have a base rate and we begin with a table based on the number of employees. Most payroll companies will not disclose their fee structure, they try to upscale extra services. For example, many payroll services like to offer HR services in a bundle. This could push your total cost up an additional $100 to $150 per month. This makes sales their primary goal, they help their own business but do not always have their clients best interest in mind.

When you find a company willing to tell you upfront what they are going to charge, you have found a non-inclusive payroll. You are still doing all of the work, they are providing you software to simplify the process. Some examples of this service would be Gusto or Quickbooks.

We are different, we disclose our price structure and we do not have any hidden charges or fees. We are a full-service payroll option that is flexible and affordable. Our price structure includes a onetime set up fee that varies based on the time requirements to set up, a monthly service fee, and a cost per check written. These fees are all disclosed and there is never any hidden cost. The base monthly rate covers all the incidental cost associated with processing payroll, including all quarterly and year end reports, and compliance regulation. Our modest charge per paycheck written decreases as your business grows. Our services are specifically designed to help business succeed. The only additional charges that may apply are due to withholding orders. You can find our published price list on this link for our Payroll Services in Tucson.

What is outsourced payroll services?

Any payroll service which is all inclusive where you are outsourcing 100% of your payroll .

There is a difference between payroll and employee leasing.  We are not an employee leasing company. Sometimes outsourced payroll can mean employee leasing. In this case the leasing company employees all workers, similar to a temp agency and the client has no actual employees. A set rate is agreed upon similar to if you hired a contractor.  So you would not be responsible for paying anything except for the hourly rate as contracted between the two companies. With the employee being employed on the side of the leasing company, the leasing company would be required to pay all of the taxes and to be in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

What is payroll processing services?

Any software that you can purchase for the purpose of processing payroll yourself.  Quickbooks is one of the most commonly used for payroll business services.

One of the largest complaints for this type of service is the lack of customer service. They are typically difficult to get a hold of and rarely are able to solve your problem without charging you a fee for expert troubleshooting.  There is no one who you can sit down and talk, no one to advise you on your accuracy, and no one who can help you lower your own cost. The processing services that will do the least amount possible and charge you the most amount that they can.  Our model is we want to do as much as we can for a set price and be upfront with that price.

How much does ADP charge for payroll services?

ADP doesn’t publish their prices.  It can be very difficult to get a reasonable and straight forward quote.  It starts at a minimum of about $25 per month and can vary greatly based on who sets the account up. A good expectation would be to average about $3.25 per employee per pay run on a more basic plan. A more advanced plan to can average $4.95 per employee per pay run. When you look into ADP’s structure, there are three plans to choose from, each step up category adds benefits, but also adds cost. ADP also has additional charges for quarterly and year end reports, so customers are often surprised with additional billing every three months. 

How can I do payroll on my own?

You could use a payroll software on your own and we would be more than happy to help verify that the payroll is being done properly for a small fee to cover our time.  There are a couple of different ways to write the checks which we would be glad to cover in a consultation.

What are the benefits of your payroll services?

The primary benefit is that you have a professional that does this every day as opposed to you trying to figure it out. Not only does it get done a lot quicker but it allows us to answer questions when you’re unsure of something.  It allows you to get educated to enable you to grow your own business and understand the actual expenses of having personnelle. These expenses are often times misunderstood, a professional can help you navigate compliance with all labor laws.

You spend a lot less time when using a payroll service from ProTax Advisors. On average, our clients report a savings of 5-8 hours per week of expenses that you would have otherwise been paid to an hourly employee.

There are some integrated services that we offer that take the responsibilities off your shoulder and put them on the shoulders of a professional.  Attempting to do payroll on your own can put a small business at risk with the IRS and state government. If you’re not following the deadlines, it can result in penalties and fines for late filing which can be a very frustrating for any small business. Realize that the deadlines and expectations can change from year to year, a professional will keep up to date with what those changes through continuing education. We will make sure that you are remaining safe and in compliance with the IRS and state tax laws.

Do you offer employee time tracking, time card, timesheet services?

This is an area that we are working on developing and estimate to have live in the fall of 2020. Check back with us regularly for additional updates.

There is a difference between time card collection and payroll services, they are two separate services. It is typically the client’s responsibility to collect the time card data for their employees.  There are options available to you and we would be glad to point you in the right direction.

Most small businesses are more than capable to collect the employee time themselves for a reasonable amount of time.

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