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The concept of working for oneself is a powerful motivator that can push many into the entrepreneur sphere. This is where our passion begins.

We want to support the small business entrepreneurs in our community. Small business is the keystone to holding up our economy.

Any business begins with an idea. The way we legally organize and operate a business will impact many of the decisions that regulate the future of a business.

We use our expertise in tax regulations to advise our clients in the best structure of their potential business.

We outline the requirements to organize and operate legally within the local and state borders.  

Do You Have a Business Idea?

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By sitting down and performing an analysis of the business, through a business audit, an accounting audit, or a performance audit, we configure a path of development. We work with business owners to create a plan to improve the business.  We take a hands-on approach, making site visits and providing market analysis for a particular industry. We help find resources and industry standards that can enrich current process and procedures.

We then use a variety of marketing strategies that are effective based on each individual industry. In the marketing world, strategies change often, we work with a team that stays up to date on proven strategies. Keeping your marketing dollars working for you. We create a strategic marketing plan that is specific to you and we customize it to fit your business and your industry. We monitor your marketing campaigns and recommend adjustments as needed to forward your specific goals.

Once you are a part of our small business network, you are invited to be a part of our networking workshops. Networking with other small businesses provides the opportunity for you to work with other local business owners. Together, the local economy supports each other through commerce and shared knowledge. 

Business Startup and Development

Any Business Starts With an Idea, we Help That Idea Become a Reality and to Grow Bigger


Once You are a Part of our Business Network, you get to Meet Many Other Small Business Owners That you can Work with to Help Support Each Other


Using Many Different Marketing Strategies, we try to get Your Business where People will see it and Want Your Service or Product

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