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Dedicated Professionals Since 2008

Our team came together with a unique and necessary foundation of the practice that is Tax Preparation and Accounting.

At Professional Tax Advisors, our focus is on education. Our deeply held belief that each client deserves to understand their tax liability drives each member of our team to excel and provide a customized educational experience.

Tax laws can make each of us feel uncomfortable, and the expectations of compliance can at times feel overwhelming and be difficult to understand.

We strive to educate our clients on the basics, providing a base of understanding that removes some of the fear and anxiety.

Benjamin Gillette Tax Preparation Tucson AZ

Benjamin Gillette

My story of tax preparation began 20 years ago, when I started my first company.  As a new business owner, I was overwhelmed by the cost and requirements to fundamentally run and operate a business in our current regulatory atmosphere.  As I became more skilled and knowledgeable in business management, I found I had a real passion for helping other businesses out.

In 2008, I formed a new company focusing on business consulting.  Using my experience and firsthand knowledge, I began taking on clients and helping with an array of business services.  In time, that business grew and sparked a deeper interest in knowing and understanding the tax laws.

I enjoyed the direct impact that I had on the lives of my clients.  As my firm grew, it developed more toward tax and accounting.  Through the years, I have developed a keen sense of the need in the tax industry to provide clear education, giving my clients the confidence in each decision they make.

I still have a deep and abiding passion for helping small businesses and startups.  I am excited to answer questions for new entrepreneurs and to provide business development strategies.  Helping others to realize their dreams of ownership and to understand the responsibility of entrepreneurship is my greatest pleasure.

Vanessa Alvarez Tax Preparation Green Valley AZ

Vanessa Alvarez

I love being a tax advisor.  I spent some time working in many different fields, and even graduated from the U of A with a Bachelor of Science degree, but I did not find my passion until I became a tax preparer.

Professionally, I enjoy the challenge of identifying and solving problems and listening to the needs of our clients.  I have significant small business tax knowledge.  I am a Certified Tax Advisor with years of experience in tax preparation and educating clients on the ins and outs of their taxes.  I keep abreast of the ever-changing laws and focus my attention on our clients first and foremost.

I love working one-on-one with our business clients of all shapes and sizes, and complex individual/ personal tax returns as well.  It is a great joy to me to ease my clients’ stress regarding filing taxes and the IRS while educating them at the same time.  I provide payroll services and insight to our payroll clients and prepare and review tax returns throughout the year.

I am a wife, a mother, and a budding car guru (Chevy girl).  In my free time, I like wine tasting (confession: not a fan of dry wine) and working on cars (yes, I do get my hands dirty).

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