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I Started out at an early age doing management – I found I really excel in business management in all kinds of settings. I did that for 12 years, managing other people’s businesses for them. At a certain point I realized I wanted to go into business for myself. 

We started out as a business consultant firm. I love small businesses and I have a real passion to help them grow and develop and go somewhere. I enjoyed the direct impact that I had on the lives of my clients. As I branched out, I found a natural desire and ability to prepare taxes. We still help with Business startups and answering questions for new entrepreneurs, I really love to do business development and always have time to work with clients who want to work for themselves.

My passion has always been helping other people to realize their dreams. I help them understand the responsibility of entrepreneurship. I help them understand the role they play in complying with the Local and Federal Government regulations. I help them figure out how to operate more effectively, and I help them network with other small businesses.

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"I highly recommend Benjamin and his team from Professional Tax Advisors in Green Valley for tax preparation services. I'm also looking forward to using their payroll services for my business so I can save time."
"Benjamin was absolutely AMAZING! He is really great about explaining everything. You can tell he just enjoys his job, loves figuring out ways to save us money and really took his time on our taxes."
"Benjamin and Rena are simply awesome! I am a local business owner myself and Benjamin has taken countless hours to listen to our concerns and goals and to get our paperwork straightened out and compliant with the federal and state requirements.".

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